Sports Applications of NLP

In Sports, the Difference Between Winning and Losing Can be a Single Thought…


At the highest level of sport, it is rarely the physically ability of the players which decides who wins or loses, but their mental ability. This course includes some of the most cutting edge tools and techniques that I use with amateur and professional sports people to help them.

Whether you are an individual sportsperson, team player, coach or trainer, there will be something in this course that will benefit you.

PLEASE NOTE: This course assumes a basic knowledge of NLP and it is recommended that you hold an NLP Diploma or above to attend this course

Learning Outcomes

“I think the biggest problem facing athletes today is the lack of good mental preparation.”
Sylvia Bernier – Olympic Diving Gold Medallist

If you are a professional, amateur or just do it for fun, whatever your sport you will learn essential psychological principles, and NLP and hypnotic tools and techniques to vastly improve your technique and ability.

Brief Description

Relaunched, revised and thoroughly updated, this course will give you the psychological tools to enhance your sporting performance. Including:

  • Use the power of your imagination to mentally rehearsal for success
  • How to enter the ZONE and create FLOW trigger
  • Play at the top range of your skill regardless of circumstance
  • Improve your concentration and focus
  • Deal with performance anxiety, stress and choking up
  • Increase your motivation to make those 5am training sessions!
  • Rapidly increase the speed in which you learn new skills and perfect your current ones
  • Turn Negative Experiences, Mistakes or Losses, in positive lessons for success


Only £349 incl manual and all training cost.

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Full Details

From keen amateurs to leading professionals, the psychologically of the player has proved to be an effective means to improving their overall game, their ability to play well in competition and to maximise their enjoyment of playing. By adopting a number of psychological techniques, sports performers can quickly change how they think when they are playing and in practice, enabling them to improve their game significantly.

This 3-day course is split into three parts, each exploring specific tools and NLP techniques  (approximately one part per day).

Part 1: The Power of Mental Preparation

Studies have shown that just by imagining doing strength-training exercises increases your muscle mass and research shows that many of the same benefits exist for imagined or physical actions. For instance, those who mentally practiced a skill achieved the same accuracy level as those who physically did it. In the first part of the course we look at how to harness the power of your imagination to perform at peak state and accelerate your skills and physical ability. Including:

  • Understanding the principles of mental rehearsal
  • Learning to harness your imagination to increase your strength, power and motor skills
  • Developing a Flow Trigger to allow you to enter the Flow State (or “Zone”)

Part 2: Self Talk, Undoing

Our starting point  for this part is the principle Self One and Self Two as discussed by Timothy Gallwey in his seminal, we go beyond these foundations and introduce the NLP language patterns to help you:

  • Reduce un-useful self-talk
  • Use affirmations and “mind scripts”, to focus and motivate yourself
  • Use presuppositions to improve performance

Part 3: Accelerated Skills Acquisition

This part of the course looks at how to rapidly increase your skills, overcome limits and quickly and easily design and learn required skill sets. It will teach you to deconstruct your current processes and understand, You will also learn:

  • Defining effective goals
  • Building effective strategies for success
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Modelling successful strategies

“I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.”
– Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, Olympic Decathlon Gold Medallist

Summary of Key Information

  • There only a maximum of 12 places on this course.
  • This course assumes a basic knowledge of NLP and it is recommended that you hold an NLP Diploma or above to attend this course.
  • You will receive follow up support and additional bonuses to help you perfect your skills.
  • The course is only £349 including manual and all training costs.
  • Pay securely online with Paypal or request to pay via BACS, company invoice or cheque.
  • The course will take place at R&R Consulting Centres in Cardiff, just 10 minutes from the M42 junction 32.

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Cardiff 20-22 May booknow

PLEASE NOTE: This course assumes a basic knowledge of NLP and it is recommended that you hold an NLP Diploma or above to attend this course.



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