Business Applications of NLP



A Business Practitioner of NLP is someone who has learned to apply the attitude, skills and methodology to the NLP in a corporate environment.

“Most business professionals are ill equipment and most business and management trainings do not equip the modern business professional with the creative and critical thinking skills needed.”

– Charles Handy

As a prerequisite of attendance you must hold a valid NLP Practitioner certificate or above. Please supply a copy with your booking. If you have not yet done your NLP Practitioner training, please click here to learn about my full Business Practitioner of NLP training, designed to teach you NLP from the ground up with no experience.

Learning Outcomes

“In business, what you practice day after day, how you act is not what you do, it’s who you are….”

– Michael Breen, High Performance Coach and NLP Master Trainer

The idea of the “job for life” vanished years ago, but nowadays even the idea of ” a career for life” in our fast paced modern world is now outdated. Most business professionals today will have on average five careers through their working life.

What is becoming more and more essential are those intangible and transferable skills that NLP offer:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Accelerated learning

That will allow you to join and get ahead in your new career quickly (and effectivity).

Brief Description

“NLP is the ultimate Generalists Toolkit, it allows you to penetrate any speciality easily and effortlessly.”

In this totally updated and reconfigured course, I have thought long and hard about what the best way to apply NLP to the vast world of “business”. The course is built around the exact strategy I use when working with business people to develop appropriate models for their speciality.

You will learn:

  • Inspirational Leadership and communication skills
  • Selling and negotiation strategies
  • How to elicit the best from your team
  • Training facilitation
  • Problem solving skills and creative decision making
  • I will also teach some of the specific strategies I have developed to consult, coach and train organisations and executives over the past 15 years.


Only £749 incl certification fee, manual and all training costs.




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Full Description

Most business NLP training falls very short of what is required in today’s business arena. Why? Well most people who offer “business” NLP training today lack the background, experience or understand of what the modern business professional needs. They often come from an HR or soft skills background and offer NLP training based around that experience.

They offer NLP trainings that the companies want not what you want as a business professional!

This training is designed with you in mind. It is structure to give you the skills and abilities to accelerate your career path.

  • The ability to interview in such a way as to make it a “no brainer” that you are chosen over the other candidates.
  • Create cutting edge methods for building trust with someone, in just a few moments.
  • Connect with the people you want to, & banish that ‘first meeting’ anxiety.
  • Be able to cope with the stresses and strains of the modern corporate world.
  • Learn new systems and skills quickly and effortlessly.
  • Become a powerful and charismatic communicator and presenter.
  • Understand what makes people make the decisions they do, so you can easily match their criteria and get them to say “yes”!
  • Learn the powerful yet simple questions that you need to ask to get the crux of the problem.
  • Perform at your very best as often as you need to.
  • Be able to memorise and recall large amounts of information easily and effortlessly.
  • Access the states that are most useful to you, when they most useful.
  • Become the person that everyone wants to be around. The person who, when you turn up, troubles seem to just melt away.

I have completely re-engineered this Business Applications of NLP training from the ground up, with one simple philosophy in mind:

“In an increasingly competitive, fast moving and complicated world of business, it is the quality of thinking that gives the edge. The better you think the smart and faster you go.”

This training will give you the skills you need to succeed!


Certification on this course is:

  • Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP with the Society of NLP.

For more details about certifying bodies and requirements, please click here.

Please note: This is a qualification course. Certification is not awarded for attendance only and delegates must demonstrate a suitable level of skill and competence. In some cases additional training or experience may be requested before the qualification is awarded. In rare occasions we may refuse certification.


I am proud to offer one of the most cost effective NLP courses in the UK. At present no other training company is offering an equivalent training at the same cost. To make this course even better value for you, it comes loaded with the following extra’s:

  • Follow up one to one coaching sessions.
  • Massive discounts on future trainings and one to one coaching.

Summary of Key Information

  • There only a maximum of 9 places on this course.
  • You must hold a valid NLP Practitioner certification or above to attend this course. Not yet done your Practitioner training? Then you can fast track your way to coaching success by attending my full NLP Business Practitioner Training Programme. Click here for details.
  • You will receive follow up support and additional bonuses to help you perfect your skills
  • On successful completion of the course you will be award certification as a Licensed NLP Coach with the Society of NLP.
  • The course is only £749 including certification fee and all training costs.
  • Pay securely online with Paypal or request to pay via BACS, company invoice or cheque.

How To Book

You can book online via credit card utilising PayPal, or, if you would prefer to pay via BACS, company invoice or any alternative method, please click here to download a pdf booking form to complete, along with details of payment.

To book, please click on the course date you would like to book on below.



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If you have any questions at all, or want to discuss this training in more detail, please click here to contact me for more information, or call 0845 3 626277.