The Boys Are Back...!

Say Hello To Your New Best Friend

Feel Better. Learn Faster. Be More Successful.

Learn NLP the way it was meant to be taught by Dr Richard Bandler, the genius and co-creator of NLP.

Using stories, examples, anecdotes, practical exercise, and fun.

NLP is said to be an attitude that created a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques. So many people who teach NLP jsut teach it as a “bunch” of techniques. Here we teach it int he order it was meant to be learned. Starting with attitude…

The attitude of curiosity, creativity and fun.

What People Say

“At the end of seven days I understood myself in greater depth which gave me an insight into the way in which I could help others to improve their quality of life.

The road to a successful conclusion was paved with a support and motivation that made the learning experience fun. It made me want the skills that Bob and Matt have so that I can help the people I meet to unburden/unclutter their lives.

Five days – A chunk of money – Two men and a bunch of people I had never met before and so many lives were enriched. Just think what would happen to the world if everyone could experience this event.”

“Expected a lot…

And got more!

A great course full of practical, applicable techniques as well as the underpinning knowledge of how, why, what and when…the where is:

The Birmingham NLP Training Academy!

Being a course director myself I really was inspired by the skills of Bob and Matt (in alphabetical order only!) to really communicate and interact with us, the students.
As the Governor says…”I’ll be back!””

“Thirty years ago I did my first life changing course – drama/dance. I’ve done many, many, other courses since then, but none of them quite as life changing as this one. I feel like I did all those years ago – incredibly excited and can’t wait to get out there and USE it!”

“This was the best course on how to be a brilliant teacher that I have ever been on in 25 years of teaching. When I consider teachers who are not as successful as their colleagues, this course on building rapport and the modelling delivery would be the perfect antidote! The high expectations and levels of co-operation demanded from the course members was inspirational”

About Your Trainers

They are like the Vic and Bob of NLP

“(except Bob is Vic and Matt is Bob)”

Bob and Matt have known each other for more than 20 years and have been running NLP trainings together for over 15. Between 2003 and 2007 they were co trainers at the Birmingham NLP Training Academy – the first dedicated NLP training company in the midlands. Although they both have their own busy lives and businesses they come together occasionally to run NLP training courses. Don’t miss the chance to join them! The courses are always a unique experience…

(on the right is a very old picture of them doing their best impression of being in The Sweeney….)

Bob Spour


Bob is a Licensed NLP Trainer, highly qualified Martial Arts Instructor, a cult stand up comic, actor and writer.

Bob has extensive experience working with individuals and groups in a variety of settings as diverse as sales, drama workshops, the comedy circuit in London and martial arts and self-protection training nationally.

As well as being an NLP Trainer he runs the highly successful MindWorks Technologies a training company specialising in therapy, team building and survival training. See the links page for more information.

Matt Caulfield


Matt is the founder of The Birmingham NLP Training Academy. He is a Licenced Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, magician, stage hypnotist and “mentalist” and experienced Martial Artist. He has studied meditation for over 20 years.

Before becoming an NLP Practitioner he worked for 8 years as a management accountant, sales manager and conference assistant.

Along with being an NLP Trainer Matt has a highly successful private Coaching practice where he assists individuals to make positive changes about themselves.

The Courses

NLP Practitioner

AN NLP Practitioner is someone who has learned to use the attitudes, principles and techniques of NLP as they are intended to be used, by its creator, for themselves and with others.

NLP Practitioner Training
  • Controlling your emotions and mental state.

  • Change state in yourself and others easily and quickly.

  • Accelerate your learning skills.

  • Become a more elegant and persuasive communicator.

  • Improve your problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Help others do the same.

  • This course carries certification from the Society of NLP

NLP Master Practitioner

A Master Practitioner of NLP is someone who has mastered the creative and innovative applications of the principles and methodology of NLP. They are highly skilled communicators, able to easily change their own behaviours and those of others.

NLP Master Practitioner Training
  • An opportunity to review, revise and master your Practitioner Skills.

  • Memory techniques.

  • A look at DHE (Design Human Engineering).

  • Strategy design and advanced modelling techniques.

  • Deep trance work, persuasion and influence.

  • This course carries certification from the Society of NLP