Meta Model Demystified

The Meta Model Demystified 2nd Edition Available NOW – Over 80 Pages of New Material

Brand new and thoroughly revised the Meta Model Demystified is available now from Amazon on Kindle and, for the first time, in paperback.

The Meta Model Demystified thoroughly updates the language patterns and explains how to use the Meta Model to create seemingly magical change simply and easily.

This expanded and completely revised 2nd edition includes:

  • The key concepts that lead to the development of the Meta Model.
  • A totally reconfigured explanation of the classic language patterns.
  • Examples of using the Meta Model in various contexts.
  • Sample questions.
  • Hints and tips to master the Meta Model.

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Nested Loops Demystfied

I am proud to announce the release of the next book in my NLP Demystified Series:

Nested Loops Demystified: Revealing the Art of Multilevel Communication and Unconscious Instillation in NLP

This book draws together all my research and experience with Nested Loops over the last 10 years. Nested Loops and “unconscious instillation” have grown to almost mythical status in NLP. In reality, Nested Loops are very simple (although, not easy) and exceptionally powerful way to deliver large amounts of information in a very short space of time, without your trainees feeling that they have to try hard.

Why Did I Choose Nested Loops?

Well, some of the most common areas of NLP I get asked about are Nested Loops, Multilevel Communication and Unconscious Instillation (NOT Installation – this is an important distinction).

I did some digging and realised that there is very little information available about these three subjects, and most of what is (freely) available on the internet is simply wrong (every single clip on YouTube that claims to tell you about Nested Loops are incorrect).

So, I thought it was about time someone cleared up the confusion (or demystified it…!).

In reality, Nested Loops are very simple. This simplicity is deceptive, because Nested Loops are powerful, it is why Richard Bandler and his trainers can pack so much information into a 7 day training, information that it takes other people much longer to teach.

The aim of this book is to cut through the myths and misunderstandings to give you a simply way to start using Nested Loops and multilevel communication straight away. I have taken a lot of time and effort researching and practicing Nested Loops and now present my findings to you in the hope that it can teach you the skills and ability to use them yourself.

Do you want to develop engaging and powerful presentations, working shops and training course? That will teach large amounts of information in a very short space of time easily and effortlessly? This book reveals the art Nested Loops, Multilevel Communication and Unconscious Instillation in NLP.

This book is a clear and concise explanation of how to design and utilise Nested Loops including:

  • What Nested Loops are (and what they aren’t!).
  • What their purpose is.
  • How and where to use to use them.
  • How to develop Nested Loops.
  • Keys to designing an effective training with Nested Loops.
  • How to tell good stories.

PLEASE NOTE: This book assumes and basic and general understanding of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

You can buy it now from Amazon on Kindle and paperback.

Click here to buy it on Kindle or Paperback

Click here to buy it on Kindle or Paperback

Can You Help Me?

I am currently giving out pdf review copies of the book, if you are happy to write (an honest) review for Amazon or your blog/facebook/twitter or mailing list (or preferably all of them!) please contact me to arrange being sent a copy.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not just a ‘free’ copy of the book! I am giving it to you in exchange for a (fair and honest) review. If you don’t want to or aren’t able to review it please don’t ask for a copy.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful, please feel free to give me feedback and comments here.