When I got my first website in June 2002, I wanted to do something a little more personable (back then, the idea of social media and blogging was just a glimmer in some techies eye) than just the “brochure sites” of the time. So, taking my inspiration from The Barefoot Doctor and his daily “Doc Box”, I started doing a rudimentary “Daily NLP Tip” on my site. My desire outstripped my ability and in 2004-ish I moved that over to my first blog site (blogging was just getting going) (some entires are still there if you want to look!), until eventually I ported everything over to WordPress site some time in 2010. By this point though I had read too many books on blogging and how to “have a successful blog” and started slavishly following their advice. I was writing “how to” guides and “top tips” like like they were going out of fashion. The blog lost it’s original purpose of being a way to connect more meaningful with readers and just became another generic promotional blog (although there were some blog entries I really am proud of, I will do a “favourite entry” digest in a future post).

When my first child was born, other than the occasion update about course dates etc, I put the blog on hiatus. Partly because I did not have time to write a blog and partly because I had lost interest.

So, now I am back to the blogging station, the idea is to return to the original idea (for more promotional style articles, focused on “how to’s” and “what is’s” please connect with me on LinkedIn) and “draw back the curtain” and write slightly more personal entries about what I have been up to, my thoughts and musings, failings and successes. You see, so much of the self help world is incredibly disingenuous, where people have “happy off’s” all the time and refuse to admit their life is anything but perfect (the only time you are allowed to discuss failings are in the past and how you overcame them to become the ubermench you are now, using the exact process you package up and sell to your clients), I am not sure why. But there you go.

So here I am going to do things a little bit differently. I am just going to write, 500 words or so, about what I have done during the week, what I have been thinking about, doing and not doing. I am not going to limit myself to just NLP to Coaching or “self help” but will touch on anything I am doing, which is mainly, at the moment, being a dad, and contemplating the meaning of life…

Who knows, some may even contain some useful tips!

I am aim to publish every Friday, but we will see.

This is a bit of a longer post than usual as I want to take some time to outline my new approach.

Since 2003 when I completed my Trainer Training with Richard Bandler my focus has been on running scheduled public courses, largely NLP certifications (NLP Practitioner, etc). I would probably say it was 80% of my work, with 10% seeing one to one clients and 10% in-house training courses.

However since my wife and I had our first child in 2015 we decided, as my work is more flexible, that it made sense for me to be the main carer for our child, so I cut my hours back significantly to do this. On the birth of our second child last May it became obvious quite quickly that trying to run scheduled trainings was not the best approach for my new lifestyle. So after a lot of thought, I have decided to change my focus and move away from scheduled courses for the foreseeable future and focus more on one-to-one and bespoke courses instead.

Below is an outline of my new focus, the site is still (!) being updated so some of the content does not reflect my new approach (especially the “training” page, I am on it, honest…):

Private Tuition

I have done a lot of private tuition through the years – I started pioneering online one-to-one tuition in 2008. Working with people who don’t want a full NLP qualification but wanted to learn how to use NLP in specific situations, want to revise their NLP skills or want an introduction to what NLP and Coaching is.

Please note: I cannot offer NLP certification training as one to one.

You can find more details here.

Bespoke Training Courses For Organisations

This is largely unchanged, I have been offering in-house trainings since I began offering trainings in 2003. Anything from half day taster sessions to full multi-day qualification trainings.

You can find more details here.

Boutique Qualifications For Small Groups

This is the biggest change I am making.

I like the word “Boutique”, it means “a business serving a sophisticated (!) or specialised clientele.” Boutique essentially means “small scale” and personal with an eye on quality. This was always my approach to training, but offering them in a scheduled manner always meant you are making a comprise about offering a unique and quality training and getting enough bums on seats to make sure you had enough people to run the thing! The Boutique courses are “on demand” so, rather than advertising specific dates, these will be organised as and when for small groups.

You have a couple of options:

  1. If you have a small group (3+) we can organise a course at your convenience. Location and timings can be arranged around your schedule and we can focus on the results you want.
  2. If you are an individual, I can add you to a “wait” list and contact you when there are enough people to run a course, we can then arrange times around you.

You can find more details here.

One to One Coaching

I love coaching! I like the immediate feedback that what you are doing is working (or isn’t!). In a training course you may get feedback from the delegates during the course or from solicited feedback at the end, but you never really know if the course has made a significant impact on someone until much later on, if at all (many delegates just vanishi…).

However I always sacrificed getting coaching clients to focus on promoting and organising courses. My change in circumstances has allowed me to flip the focus so I can now predominantly focus on one-to-one work (coaching and tuition).

Having been coaching for nearly 18 years, I have had lots of experience in lots of different fields and now want to focus on the areas that really interest me. Here is a list of just a few – I will give more details on each in future blogs.

  • “High Performance”
  • Outcome Orientation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Happiness and Resliiance
  • Mindfulness based caoching
  • The Slow Philosophy

You can find more details here.

Supervision and Mentoring

Without meaning to blow my own trumpet, I have had a reasonable amount of experience as a coach and as a coaching and training business owner and I have been using that knowledge to offer supervision and mentoring. I really enjoy watching peoples success grow – their success feels like my success.

You can find more details here.

If any of this has piqued your interest and you want to know more, please do get in touch.


Due to family commitments I am taking a short break from running public courses. I am still offering one-to-one coaching and tuition and in-house training courses. Please contact me here to discuss them in more detail or to book.

5 uses of the meta model
The Meta Model may have been born from the field of therapy circa 1971 to 1973, but since then it has evolved and been developed to be used in a variety of different context, here are just five of it’s most powerful:

1. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking can be defined as “disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence.”

One could say that the main purpose of the Meta Model is to encourage critical thinking and to get a person to consider and explore their thought process, thereby helping you create more clear thing skills.

2. Coaching

Probably the main use of the Meta Model outside of therapy is within the field of Coaching. Michael Breen, the NLP Master Trainer, who has been one of the key people in updating the Meta Model, uses it primarily in the field of coaching and corporate consultancy. The Meta Model gives the coach an excellent tool set, in addition to whatever coaching model they are using, to help the client evaluate their own thinking.

3. Problem Solving

As Einstein said “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

The Meta Model provides an excellent way to change your level of thinking – to think about how you are thinking, thereby finding solutions to seemingly unfreeze the problem. You can linguistically reconstruct the problem into a more meaningful statement.

4. Teaching and Training

According to the Critical Thinking Community, “the oldest, and still the most powerful, teaching tactic for fostering critical thinking is Socratic teaching. In Socratic teaching we focus on giving students questions, not answers.”

Using the Meta Model as template to explore how the student is coming to the conclusion they are, what evidence and presuppositions they using and asking them to explore alternatives.

I use the Meta Model to foster a Socratic style of learning within my NLP and Coaching training courses.

5. Sales

A lot of people think the secret to sales is to have the “gift of the gab” – knowing the right things to say to convince someone they really need what you are selling. In actual fact a good sale person will take the time to understand the clients needs, requirements and limitations – knowing the right questions to ask.

To learn more, take a look at “The Meta Model Demystified”, available now at Amazon.

I have been coaching since 2001 and was one of the first NLP trainers in the UK to be accredited to run the Licensed NLP Coach certification from the Society of NLP in 2006.

In 2014 I am expanding my coaching training and one to one offerings. Below you can read about all the exciting new developments.


Introduction To Coaching

Coaching is the “phrase du jour”, with organisations rushing to train their managers in coaching skills and move towards a more facilitative, rather than authoritarian, form of leadership. People are rushing to employ or train as coaches to take advantage of it’s many benefits.

But what is coaching really and how can it help you? This one day introduction takes you through the history and methodology of coaching and gives you some skills and models you can take away and start working with straight away.

  • A history of coaching
  • Where and when it is best to be used
  • Non directional communication
  • How to use questions to create clarity and motivation
  • An introduction to the GROW model
  • Different types and styles

Dates or 2014



Book Now

Birmingham 31 Jan FULLY BOOKED!
Birmingham 07 Apr
Cardiff 06 Jun


This low cost introduction is ONLY £25 incl VAT (£20.83 excl VAT)

How to Book

Click here to book online or download a booking form.

Full NLP COACH Training Programme

NLP Coach

Become a Licensed NLP Coach!

New for 2014, this is a complete NLP Coaching programme that teaches you from scratch to be a powerful coach. It combines two of the most powerful tools for change currently available to deliver the skill set you need to really help people make powerful changes in their lives.

This unique coaching course is an opportunity to work closely with a coach who has worked with Olympic athletes, world record holders, blue chip companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Learning tried and tested models of coaching plus some unique and effective models only available on this course, you will discover how to be an effective coach in the context in which you want to use it.

This course has no comparison. This 10-day accelerated learning programme split over 2-modules goes far beyond what course 10 times the length will teach. Packed full of practical exercises you will be creating change from the moment you start.

Dates or 2014



Pay in Full

Pay Deposit

Birmingham Module 1: 02 – 08 Mar
Module 2: 09 – 11 Jun
Birmingham Module 1: 15 – 21 May
Module 2:
09 – 11 Jun
Birmingham Module 1: 03 – 09 Aug
Module 2: 20 – 22 Oct
Birmingham Module 1: 05 – 11 Oct
Module 2: 20 – 22 Oct


ONLY £2499 including VAT, certification fee and all course fees (£2082.50 excl VAT).

Or pay in 6 easily manageable monthly instalments of £416.50 (£347.08 excl VAT)

How to Book

Click here to book online or download a booking form.

PLEASE NOTE: This course does not include board breaking, arrow breaking, walking on hot coals, knife throwing or any other gimmick. This course simply teaches you practical skills that will allow you to change your life and life of the people around you.


NLP Coach

Already done your NLP practitioner training? This thoroughly updated version of my classic 3-day course allows people who are already trained in NLP to learn the relevant coaching skills and applications including my unique NLP Coaching model that I have developed from over 10 years of working one to one and teaching coaching.

Dates For 2014



Pay in Full

Pay Deposit

Birmingham 09 – 11 Jun
Cardiff 07 – 09 Jul
Birmingham 20 – 22 Oct


ONLY £749 including VAT, certification fee and all course fees (£624.17 excl VAT).

Or pay in 6 easily manageable monthly instalments of £124.83 (£104.03 excl VAT).

How to Book

Click here to book online or download a booking form.


High Performance Coaching

After over 10 years of working one to one with people including Olympic athletes, world record holders, blue chip companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and celebrities with issues ranging from stoping smoking, to phobias, to sports performance, to business coaching, I wound down my private practice in 2012 to focusing on my training courses. I stopped actively promoting and only accepting referrals.

In 2014 I am relaunching my coaching practice and opening the doors to everyone.

Why am I relaunching it? Well, for two main reasons:

1. I missed it. Simply, I missed working one to one with people and helping them on their journey. It gave me immense pride and professional pleasure to see people make massive changes in their lives.

2. I need to “walk the walk”. If I teach Coaching I need to demonstrate that it works, I also need to be proficient with the skills I teach and demonstrations within the training context are not enough. by opening up my private practice it gives me the time to make sure my skills are top notch.

I have totally reconfigured my coaching programme and developed my own unique model that I use (which you can learn on my NLP Coaching certification).

Because I am busy, I am only accepting a small number of clients at any one to make sure I can give them the support they need and deserve.

To celebrate this I am offering a 50% discount for a limited time. Book a block of 4 sessions for only £250 + VAT (full price £500 + VAT).

You can find all the details here.

If you want any more details or would like to book on any of the courses or any sessions, please contact me here.

January Sale 2014

As is traditional, I am having a January Sale!

Save up to 50% on training courses and coaching if you book before 31st January 2014. Please go here for more details.

It is with a twinge of sadness that, after 11 years of running a one to one coaching and therapy practice, I have made the tough decision to close the doors and no longer accept clients for the foreseeble future. I have so much more going on that I cannot maintain an effective and helpful Private Practice as well as delivering quality in house and public trainings. I am also working on a series of online learning tools, which have been delayed for some time as I have not had the opportunity to work on them.

I will still be doing one to one work, but will be focusing on one to one tutoring and mentoring in specific NLP skills and tools and “strategic advice sessions” for people who wish to start their own coaching or therapy practice. For more details, click here.