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I Know You’re Busy

You don’t have the time to trawl through this website looking for the information you want or need. So here is the key information and links to more details if you want them.

Don’t miss out on the skills you want to learn to improve your life. NLP tuition and Coaching is flexible, tailored to your needs and surprisingly affordable.

What I Do

NLP and Coaching Qualification Training

I am a Licenced Trainer of NLP with The Society of NLP and offer a full range of NLP and Coaching certification courses. I run regualr scheduled courses and all my courses can also be run in-house for groups and organisations.


I have nearly 20 years experience in Coaching (having begun in September 2000) and have worked with people all over the world.

Mentoring and Supervision

Review and Revise your skills. Are you already qualified in NLP or Coaching and want to review or expand your understanding? Maybe you are a little rusty and just want some revision? I have 20 years experience in NLP, I have been running NLP courses since 2003. I have been running my own coaching and training business since September 2000.

Bespoke Training Plans

I take the tiem to listen to what you need then develope a training programme based around achieving those goals


I am a Licenced Trainer of NLP with The Society of NLP and offer a full range of certification courses (only for small groups).


Maybe you want to learn a speicfic aspect of NLP or Coaching and dont have the time or desire to do a full course. This is the most common use of Private Tuition.

Specialities and Interests

Everyone is different. We all have different interests and experience and want to achieve different things for different reasons.

I recognise you cannot be all things to all people and it is important to work with someone who shares your interests and values and has the experience for you to get the best results for you.

So to give you an idea what I am about, here are the main areas I am specialise in:

  • Thinking Skills

    This sounds very broad! But it encompasses my entire philosophy. I am dyslexic and realised that, although I had been taught things, I had never been taught to learn. In short, I had been told what to think, but not how to think. Since then I have been fascinated about how we think, this includes such things as memory skills, learnign strategies and controlling and maintaining mental states.

  • Results Orientation

    Most people don’t get what they want. Having worked with 1000’s of people over the last 20 years, I have noticed that this is the case because most people don’t actually KNOW what they want! What I mainly do nowadays is help people clarify their goals, once I have done that most people seem to naturally know what they need to do!

  • Critical Thinking

    Now more than ever it is essential for us to be able to question what we think we know

  • The Slow Philosophy

    The Slow Philosophy is not actually about being slow, it is about being unhurried and unflustered. About going at the right pace. About appreciation over achievement. Often by slowing down, you go faster and by doing less you get more done.

About Me

I am an NLP Trainer and Coach, and have been working with people to help them improve the quality of their thinking – including goal setting, critical thinking and learning strategies – since September 2000.

Prior to becoming an NLP Trainer and Coach I worked for 9 years as a Management and then a Treasury Accountant.

I have been practicing mindfulness mediation since 1995.

Alongside my work as an NLP trainer and coach, I am also qualified Thai Boxing and Tai Chi Instructor with over 30 years experience in martial arts. I teach regular Thai Boxing classes in Monmouth.

I live in Monmouthshire, Wales UK, with my wife, 2 children and pet dog. I like the quiet life and am an advocate of the Slow Philosophy.

Where You Can Find Me:


Probably the best place to keep up to date with what I am up to. I randomly tweet – sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing for weeks.


Prefer looking at pictures? I confess, they are mainly of my dog and pretty clouds. But you may like it.


I have a love/hate relationship with facebook, so I don’t really do much here. But if it’s your thing, you can pop along.


Professional? Lets connect here. I post updates and articles and you can see my full “CV”.

Partners and Clients

I am proud to have established working relationships to provide in-house training, coaching and support for a number of top companies and organisations over the past 19+ years. Here are just a few:

Media Appearances

Over the years I have built up a reputation as a media representative for all things related to NLP, Coaching, The Slow Philosophy and associated fields.

I have appeared on the TV and radio up and down the country (as well as in Korea!), and have been interviewed and written articles for newspapers and magazines – including as a regular contributor for New Escapologist magazine.

Upcoming Courses

Here are the dates of my upcoming public courses, if you want to see future dates, please visit the training page.

Books and Publications

I have published several detailed books about specific areas of NLP called the “NLP Demystified” series. I am constantly adding to these. I have also written a simple introduction to mindfulness meditation and “The Pocket Book For The Flaneur” that covers my interest in The Slow Philosophy.

You can find all the details on the Amazon page by clicking the button below.

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If any of this has piqued your interest and you would like to know more, please get in touch. I will offer my honest opinion and if appropriate I am happy to suggest alternative resources. My goal is to help you achieve your goal.

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