Bespoke and Scheduled Training

I offer bespoke and boutique training for small groups and individuals. This can be private tuition in any aspect of NLP, Coaching and performance all the way up to specific NLP qualifications (only available for small groups). I also run regular scheduled boutique training courses that are open to the public.

Tuition takes place face to face or via video conference and I work with people all around the world.

Don’t miss out on the skills you want to learn to improve your life. Private tuition is flexible, tailored to your needs and surprisingly affordable.

Bespoke Training Plans

I take the time to listen to what you need then develope a training programme based around achieving those goals, not jsut deliver an off the shelf approach.

Review and Revise

Are you already qualified in NLP or Coaching annd want to review or expand your underatnding? Maybe you are a little rusty and jsut want some revision?


I am a Licenced Trainer of NLP with The Society of NLP and offer a full range of certification courses. I run regular scheuled courses for small groups, for details, please click here.

Specific Outcomes

Maybe you want to learn a speicfic aspect of NLP or Coaching and dont have the time or desire to do a full course. This is the most common use of Private Tuition.

Training That is a Cut Above

What you get will not be some “off the shelf” solution or well worn training plan with a dsuty old powerpoint (with just the title changed). I take the time to discuss what your outcomes are and present a suggested training outline that can be discussed and adjsuted.

I make sure you are happy with the course before I deliver it. I am 100% honest and if I don’t think what I can offer will be right for you I will let you know.

It is like buying a bespoke suit. It takes a little time and may be a bit more expensive, but you will get the right fit.

Get in touch now

For a free, no obligation chat about how private tuition can help you achieve your goals, please get in touch. I will offer my honest opinion and if appropriate I am happy to suggest alternative resources. My goal is to help you achieve your goal.