Supervision and Mentoring

You may have completed your qualification, received your certificate, maybe it says you are a “master”, but you haven’t finished the learning.

We are all practitioners in both senses of the word. We continue to practice what we have learned to get better at it. That means undertaking continued professional development (CPD).

Supervision is a regular one-to-one meeting with a colleague, peer or mentor to discuss issues arising within your sessions. This can be formal supervision, arranging regular sessions with a supervisor or a more informal approach of chatting to a colleague over a cup of coffee.

Mentoring is about learning from someone more experienced than you in a given field to “stand on the shoulders of a giant (or at least someone a little taller than you!)”.

You owe yourself and your clients the best possible experience. Supervision and Mentoring sesisons will  help you be the best you can be.


Supervision is a regular one to one meeting where you  discuss issues arising within your sessions.

Review and Revise

Are you already qualified in NLP or Coaching and want to review or expand your understanding? Maybe you are a little rusty and just want some revision?


I have 18+ years experience in NLP and Coaching and work with people who want some support and guidance. This is often more “hands on” than supervision and I offer advice and suggestions.

Strategic Advice

This is about working ON your business. Learn from the mistakes I have made in 18+ years of running my own practice!

Your Continued Professional Development

If you use NLP in a professional capacity or you are using your Coaching skills on other people (either as a professional coach or as a function in your role) you need to be doing regular Continued Professional Development (CPD).

CPD can and shoud include:

  • Supervision sessions
  • Training courses
  • Books and multimedia

Get in touch now

For a free, no obligation chat about how supervision or mentoring  can help you reach your professional goals, please get in touch. I will offer my honest opinion and if appropriate I am happy to suggest alternative resources. My goal is to help you achieve your goal.