Stack the Odds in Your Favour!

“Strategic Advice Sessions” are designed to help coach and mentor people wishing to set themselved up in private practice as therapists or coaches or other careers in the “self help” field (such as yoga and Tai Chi teachers for example). They are designed to assist you with the business and marketing aspect of your private practice.

The products and trainings that I have designed to help people like you  will show you the way to radical success, setting up and running your own profitable therapy or coaching practice.

But, if you want me to be by your side, to hold your hand (figuratively speaking obviously) and help guide you through some or all of the areas of setting up, expanding and developing your professional practice you can apply for one-one coaching and mentoring.

I can work with you from scratch, help you with your business or marketing plan,  expand and develop, or I can come into trouble shoot a specific for you, maybe you are stuck and need a different angle.

I  May Not Have All the Answers But I Can Give You a Better Question:

  • I can ask you those awkward questions.
  • Give you a different point of view.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Give you a kick up the @$$!

please note: I only take on a very limited number of one to one clients at any one time.

To apply for mentoring session, click here to contact me, giving a brief outline of why you would like mentoring and what you hope to achieve from the sessions.