One to One NLP Tuition and Mentoring – NLP Training with Your Specific Outcome in Mind

Do you want to learn NLP but cannot or do not want to attend a large-scale training? Maybe you only want to learn a specific area or application of NLP and don’t feel a full training is the most suitable approach for you?

Then these sessions are ideal.

Designed for individuals and small groups you learn the NLP you want to learn, the way you want to learn it.

This is something I have done “on demand” for many years, but never advertised or promoted. However, with the changing face of NLP training and the changing demands and needs of people who want to learn NLP I have now “officially” launched one-to-one tuition and mentoring for people who want learn bespoke NLP in a flexible way.

Here Are Just a Few Examples of Where I Have Used One to One Tuition:

  • One to one tutoring for specific qualifications such as the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner.
  • I have taught the NLP approach to anxiety and the fast phobia cure to a councillor.
  • “Toping Up” an NLP Practitioner to a Business Practitioner.
  • Mentoring NLP Practitioners who have recently qualified or who have not practiced for some time and want a “refresher”.
  • Coached people in public speaking and negotiation skills.

How Does it Work?

You contact me with what you would like to know, either fill out the contact form, or give me a call (email is probably best though). I will then get back to you to either find out more information or suggest a course of action.

It could be as simple telephone chat or even a simple email or you can book me for an hour or several days depending on your requirements.

Sessions can be face to face or via Skype. I run a private practice in Cardiff, South Wales and can arrange sessions in Birmingham in the midlands. I am happy to do sessions anywhere in the UK, but would have to charge a little more for my time. In these circumstances I do my best to do the sessions over Skype, which is easier and much more cost effective.

If I don’t think I can help you I will do my best to recommend a resource I think can.

How Much Will it Cost?

The short answer is not as much as you think. In can even, in certain cases work out much more cost effective than a full training. Because of the flexible approach, you only learn what you need to which cuts the cost down considerably.

If it is a basic and easy question that I can answer in 5 minutes I won’t charge for that, but if it is something that will take some time I charge an hourly or day rate depending on the length of time we thing we need. I cost each client separately depending on your needs an budget and am flexible and upfront with the costing (with no hidden charges).

please note: all fees are payable before the commencement of the sessions.

Please contact me for details.