BRAND NEW COURSE: Premier NLP Coaching Package

I have been coaching since 2001, in that time I have worked with Olympic athletes, world record holders, blue chip companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and celebrities, and I was one of the first trainers in the UK to offer the Licensed NLP Coach certification with the Society of NLP. So, I am proud to announce that [...] Read more »

NLP Is About Getting Things Done

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is so often presented as a psychological model that attempts to explain how we think and behave (unfortunately often with little direct evidence to support its claims). It is described as “The study of the structure of subjective experience”, but what it tends to miss off is the second part of that [...] Read more »

Autumn 2015 Training Schedule

I know for some people they are still in the middle of the summer holidays and don’t want to think about the autumn. If that is you I apologies, but September, and the beginning of my autumn training schedule is fast approaching. There is still limited places available on all courses, but they are filling [...] Read more »

Win The Mind Game – How NLP Can Revolutionise Your Sporting Ability

This may be a strange way to begin a blog article about how NLP can help improve your sporting performance, but I used to hate sport. My family aren’t huge sport fans so I didn’t really grow up watching any, and I was gangly and uncoordinated as a child and teenager, so was rubbish at [...] Read more »

Corporate or Government Contracts: The Holy Grail?

Yesterday I posted a link to an article in the Independent about how Capita have been accused of allegedly abusing it’s position as training provider for central government.  That, along with the publication of my latest NLP Demystified series “Your Professional NLP Practice Demystified” got me thinking about that supposed holy grail of any trainer [...] Read more »

Your Professional NLP Practice Demystified – Out Now

The latest book in the NLP Demystified series is out now –  It is in fact a (long overdue) updated version of my best selling guide that has been around in various guises since 2008. You can buy it now on Kindle and paperback (for the first time) here: So, what’s new in [...] Read more »

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