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(My apologies for such a long delay in uploading this, it was recored months ago, I just hope it is worth the wait.)

Here is the first episode of my NLP book club, where I discuss Ulysses by James Joyce. For my money it is one of the greatest books ever written and you will learn more about the use of language, perspectives and the meaning of “The Map is Not The Territory” than any “proper” NLP book. It’s a tough read, but worth the effort, it will enrich your life.

You can find much more details at my Ulysses: A Reader’s Guide (with an apostrophe that is conspicuous by it’s absence) here.

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think and leave any questions or comments on my Youtube channel here.

Random NLP Video Blog


In a “new feature”, I am launching an NLP Book Club. Where I will suggest an NLP related book per month. I am going to try and avoid the obvious ones and look at the hidden gems that you may not have come across yet.

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