Advanced Language Pattern Mastery Flashcards

Do You Want to Become a Master of Influence and Persuasion in As Little As Five Minutes a Day?


I am sure, you like me, want to be able to perfect your linguistic skills that you have learned on your NLP training, to become an elegant and skilled communicator. However if you were anything, like me, you completed your NLP training and left a little unsure about how to go about doing that.

When I completed my Master Practitioner training I wanted a way to practice all these new and amazing persuasion skills that I had learnt.

I had heard of some cards that were available that were meant to teach you hypnotic language. I borrowed a set off someone, but found them…not great.

For a start they were printed on a deck of playing cards. There are 52 playing cards and only 34 language patterns, so there was a lot of unnecessary repetition.

They just seemed a little…gimmicky to me.

So I designed my own, on 3×5 index cards. Here is one of them:
3 by 5 Index Card

When I started teaching NLP in 2003 people continually asked me about the cards and how to use them, so I got a limited number printed and gave them out as part of the training literature, or sold them (for £19.99 a set and at the time it was just volume one!).

If you have a set of these original cards, keep hold of them, they are very rare; I don’t even have a set any more!

I came across the original pdf designs for the cards, so (after updating them) I have released them for your benefit as a pdf download.

Using these cards for as little as 5 minutes  a day you will be able to:

  • Become a highly influential communicator.
  • Make suggestions that are impossible to disagree with.
  • Overcome resistance without argument, tension or conflict.
  • Undo limiting, or reinforce positive, beliefs.
  • Become a master of conversational change.
  • Get to the heart of the problem quickly and easily.
  • Master these skills faster than you thought possible.

These NLP Language Patterns are some of the most powerful tools to create change, influence and persuasion.

With these cards will help you improve your communication skills no matter what you want to use them for:

  • Therapy and hypnotherapy.
  • Coaching.
  • Consulting.
  • Teaching (especially if you use the Socratic Method).
  • Negotiation/Sales.
  • Much more…

Why pdf’s?

There are several great advantages you will notice about these PDF “cards” over the physical copies:

  • If I had to get these printed and posted out to you, it would easily cost twice the amount I am asking for today.
  • You can get them immediately, even if it is 2 in the morning! So you can started improving your ability to be an exquisite communicator straight away.
  • If you lose one, or one gets a bit damaged, if you had bought a set of cards you would have to buy a brand new set, with the pdf’s you can just print out a new copy.

(to be able to view and print these cards you will need adobe acrobat that you can download here).

What Do You Get in the pdf Download?

Card Cover Lost Performative Unspecified Verbs Intent

The cards are split into 2 volumes, but you don’t need to buy volume one before volume two. They are not designed that way. You can buy just one or both (at a discount) if you want.

Volume 1: The Meta Model and Milton Model

The 36 card deck contains:

  • All the major and most important language patterns from the Meta Model and Milton Model to cut out.
  • A basic vocabulary refresher list
  • Suggested exercises
  • Tips for use

See sample page here

Volume 2: Sleight of Mouth

The 24 card deck contains:

  • All the 14 original Sleight of Mouth language patterns
  • 2 additional patterns that are often included
  • The 2 Meta Patterns
  • The 6 Polya Patterns
  • An explanation of the structure of beliefs
  • An explanation of the Polya Patterns of Plausible Inference

See sample page here

For a simple gimmick free way of practicing and perfecting your advanced language skills these flash cards are the perfect tool.

Imagine NOW what what you would be able to do once you master these advanced language patterns. Choose which or both of the cards you would like below…


PLEASE NOTE: These cards are not designed to teach you these language patterns from scratch and some prior training and knowledge is required. The best place to start with learning to be a more influential communicator is to complete your NLP Practitioner training. You receive a complimentary set of Volume I on my NLP Practitioner training and Volume II on my Master Practitioner training.