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Not all NLP is equal.

There seems about as many different definitions and versions of NLP as there are people using NLP.

Doctor Richard Bandler himself has said that “Us NLPers should stick apart…”

NLP is an art as much as it is a science. It is the “the study of the structure of subjective experience”, so by very definition it is unique to each individual who uses it.

However, NLP is often described like a bad photocopy. The further you get from the original source, the worse the quality becomes…

So What is My NLP?

Because NLP was first developed by studying great therapists from the early 70’s, many people think NLP is a therapy.

This is a total misconception, NLP is NOT a therapy, NLP is a loose collection of ideas, tools and heuristics (rules of thumb), that have been anecdotally and empirically observed plus an attitude that have developed into a methodology.

This methodology, once learnt and intelligently applied, allows anyone to move into any discipline. It is the ultimate generalists toolkit for the modern day Renaissance (Wo)Man, that allows you to penetrate any speciality. It draws on elements of Linguistics, Logic, Psychology, Sociology and Hypnosis.

NLP is not a “field” it is a methodology that can be applied to any field you wish: Therapy, Business, Sports, Personal Development, to name a few.

I Approach NLP in a Totally Different Way to Most Other NLP Training Organisations…

Sadly many NLP training organisations miss this point and attempt to teach not only the methodology of NLP but also their interpretation of their NLP applications, and, although a lot of these are very good and useful in those specific fields or applications they are not NLP…

This leads to people thinking NLP is just a bunch of techniques to be applied to specific situations. They treat it as a collection of tools, techniques and tips for various problems and subjects, this is a fundamental inverse of what NLP is actually about.

In my trainings, I teach NLP as it is meant to be taught, I teach the attitude and methodology that give you the flexibility to create your own applications within your chosen field.

Dr. Richard Bandler, the Creator of NLP, described NLP as “NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.”

I Do Things Just a Little Bit Differently…

It is the difference that makes the difference and that difference is often not what you think.

We approach learning in a different way to most other trainings you have experienced…

We don’t do top down, spoon fed trainings where we start at page one of the manual and end at the end. If you are expecting power point, or A, B, C style learning, then you are going to be totally disappointed. Most of these “tick box” trainings teach NLP as a collection of tools, techniques and tips for various problems and subjects. This is the most simplistic and trivial of NLP’s applications.

NLP is best learned experimentally and experientially. You will do things before you really understand what you are doing. You will go off and experiment and come back to fill in the gaps and discuss what you have learned. You will be confused, you will be challenged, and you will find understanding. All along the way Matt will be there to guide you and facilitate your learning, providing stories, examples and anecdotes to frame and contextualise your learning.

You will grow in yourself and your confidence and do things you never thought were possible.

Not All NLP is Equal…

The best, quickest and most effective way of learning NLP is via a Licensed Practitioner of NLP training programme.

Many organisation have sprung up offering NLP training.  However very few teach you how to think, and they don’t teach you how to be creative and innovative. They teach the in the traditional “top down” do as I do type style. Where they demonstrate an idea or tool and then send you off to copy it as best you can. Criteria for success is demonstrating that you can do like they do, you learn their limitations and prejudices.

We teach NLP how it was meant to be taught by its creator Dr Richard Bandler.

With our training you will learn to apply the attitude and methodology of NLP to develop in you the art of creative and flexible thinking so that you become more innovative and resourceful in all of challenges of life…

This is something very different to what you have experienced before.

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