This entry could, if you were less charitable, easily be titled “Failure to (Re)Launch”. If you have been poking about the site on and off over the last year you may have got the impression that not a lot has been going on or, worse, think I have given up on the whole NLP training thing altogether! My social media has been equally hit and miss, going silent for weeks and then having a bit of splurge promising some things are “coming soon” to go all quiet again.

So, what has been going on?

To answer that I need to go back to 2018. or maybe a little bit sooner.

For those of you totally new to this, what happened was, well, I had kids. And because I am self employed and my wife has a “proper job” it made sense for me to become the main carer. This meant I cut right back on my training a coaching business, resulting in around the start of 2018 to stop running public courses and just focus on one to one clients and in-house work. I stopped heavily promoting myself, partly because I didn’t want to turn work away (so I thought it was better to go a bit quieter) and also, well I was looking after two very young children and anyone who has done that will know that that is a full time job all of its own and you don’t have the time, energy, or quite frankly the inclination to do much else. The plan was always to take a few years off and once the children got a little older to “relaunch” my training business and start running public trainings, etc again.

I tried to start again at the start of last year (well the autumn of 2018 really) and then again last autumn. The thing is, I was a bit premature on both occasions! My eldest had started school, but my youngest (only 2 and a half) hasn’t yet, and even though I am having help from family and some pre-schooling, things are still hit and miss where family commitments may mean I cannot sit down and do “work” for a few days (or sometimes longer).

Which is why I am only offering a very limited training schedule in 2020 and will expand it more over the next few years.

So, 3rd time lucky and all.

What HAVE I been doing in 2019?

Other than enjoying being a full time parent, watching kids TV and playing with lego you mean?!

I have appeared on three podcasts, seen some clients (mainly via Skype and Zoom) and done some in-house seminars and workshops.

It’s the classic cop out answer but there had been quite lot going on behind the scenes, you see, I made a naive error that I could just pick up where I left off on before taking an extended break. I didn’t factor in the world has moved on. I needed to catch up and update my procedures, skills and strategies (especially around marketing myself) to keep up with this new world. So there has been a lot a research and thinking about that.

It’s also given me a lot of time to reflect on how I want to change what I am doing. I realised recently this my 20th year of this! And having an extended break has really given me time to muse and reflect on what I am doing and why I am doing it. So I have spent a lot of time thinking, pondering and contemplating about what to do when I finally do relaunch.

I am still absolutely certain I want to offer NLP trainings as I still believe that it is a fantastic technology that can benefit everyone. But how I do that in an increasingly competitive marketplace with such a range of quality I don’t know. And also what I do along side that.

All that will become apparent soon and I will write ore about it in future blogs. Please come with me on the journey, I will endeavour to post more regular updates from now on!

Whats Coming UP?

My current 2020 training schedule looks like this (Corona Virus allowing!):

NLP Practitioner – NOW ONLY £999
Spring Enrolment: 11-17 May
Autumn Enrolment: 05-11 Oct

NLP Master Practitioner – NOW ONLY £1999
Module 1: 20-23 Nov 2020Module 2: 27-30 Nov 2020

All courses take place in South Wales, just off the M4 corridor.
Please contact me if you want to know more.