Quick start. Everything you need to know about me.

If you are regular reader of this blog (and if you are, my apologies for such a long break between posts) you know that I have taken a few years off to be a “full time dad”. Although, I have been doing some one-to-one work and training days to “keep my hand in” I put my NLP qualification trainings on hiatus and haven’t run a full Practitioner for over 2 years.

Now I am back! And starting to run a full range of NLP qualification trainings from the autumn onwards (a full training calendar will be released soon) and to mark the occasion I am offering a “Relaunch” special offer and going back to 2003.

So, for a limited time all courses will be priced at the fee I charged when I just started out. This means that:

What to do you get when you chose to train with me?

  • One of the most cost effective NLP training in the country.
  • An internationally recognised qualification by the Society of NLP, the first NLP body founded inb 1976 by the 2 co-creators, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.
  • A highly experienced NLP trianer and coach. I have been using NLP for changework with clients since 2000 and been running NLP trainings since 2003. This means I have worked with hundreds of people to help them make positive changes in their lives and run in excess of 100 NLP qualification courses, training over a thousand people in NLP.
  • Train at my new training location, just off Junction 24 of the M4 and now easily accessible from Bristol, Cardiff, South Gloucestershire and all along the M4 corridor (now the toll has gone on the Severn Bridge!).

So, really, what’s stopping you?!

PS, please bear with me, some of the training pages have not been fully updated yet and may show inaccurate information or be a bit messy, please contact me if you want to know any more or to book.