All Change is Good

If you are an old visitor, you may have noticed something a little bit different around here. The (very old) creaky website has had a swanky new update. It’s still a “work in progress” at the moment and content is being updated.

The change in the site is more than just a refresh and reflects my new change of direction. I have taken some time recently to reconfigure what I do, and I have made the decision to move aware from scheduled public courses and focus on one to one tuition and coaching and in-house training courses. I am also shifting focus on my speciality with clients. As the picture above this blog suggests, it is still in its embryonic stages and more news will follow soon.

Please bear with me, and I apologies for any spelling errors, broken links, etc (if you find any, please let me know, as I thank you I will give you 10% off a session!).

More updates as events progress…