Premier NLP Coaching Package

I have been coaching since 2001, in that time I have worked with Olympic athletes, world record holders, blue chip companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and celebrities, and I was one of the first trainers in the UK to offer the Licensed NLP Coach certification with the Society of NLP. So, I am proud to announce that this autumn I will be launch my thoroughly updated and revised NLP Coaching Training Package. With over 150 hours of classroom learning, this brand new course now conforms to the most rigorous international standards.

This is a complete NLP Coaching programme that teaches you from scratch to be a powerful coach. It combines two of the most powerful tools for change currently available to deliver the skill set you need to really help people make positive changes in their lives.

You will learn:

  • The relationship between and the differences of coaching, therapy, consulting and counselling.
  • How coaching benefits the organisation and how coaching skills are essential to managers.
  • The main coaching models and how they fit with NLP.
  • How to set goals so you can actually achieve them.
  • How to give feedback that quickly modifies behaviour.
  • How to coach a client to achieve their outcomes.
  • How to structure your own coaching programmes.

Packed full of practical exercises you will be creating change from the moment you start. Don’t be fooled by a name, the Society of NLP Licensed Coach of NLP is more rigorous and robust than other so called “NLP Master Coach” trainings.

This robust and complete course is 21 days long (in excess of 150 hours of teaching time) split into 6 modules:

You will receive following certification with the Society of NLP:

  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP.
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP.
  • Licensed NLP Coach.

I truly believe this is now one the premier Coaching trainings in the UK, hence the title!

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Do you want to become an NLP Coach and have already completed your Practitioner or Master Practitioner training? Then you can fast track your way to coaching success, this modular course means you can just drop in at the level you need to complete the training. Please contact me for details.

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