News Update

My apologies for the lack of contact of late, my wife and I had a baby in March and those of you that have had children knows that it takes a little while to adjust to this new way of life. So to allow ourselves to do this I have taken a break from my blog and newsletter for a few months and just concentrated on my training courses and coaching clients.

This email is to just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you and keep you up to date with what is coming up this autumn.

Core Training Courses

My core training dates for the autumn are:

NLP Practitioner

Cardiff Module 1: 09-12 Oct
Cardiff Module 2: 17-19 Oct *change of date

Birmingham Module 1: 18-20 Sept
Birmingham Module 2: 25-28 Sept

NLP Master Practitioner

Cardiff Module 1: 06-09 Nov
Cardiff Module 2: 13-16 Nov

Birmingham Module 1: 20-23 Nov
Birmingham Module 2: 27-30 Nov

Coaching Applications of NLP

Cardiff: 24-26 Oct *change of date
Birmingham: 12-14 Oct

Application Courses

Along with my popular Coaching Applications of NLP course, I am also relaunching two other applications courses. The feedback I continue to get is that people want information and tools about how to apply NLP to specific areas and fields. In response to this, this autumn I am re-launching two of my Application course:

Business Applications of NLP

The problem with teaching NLP for business is what we actually mean by the word “business”, do we mean leadership and management? Human Resources applications? Project management? Consulting? Training and development? Sales? Negotiation? Entrepreneurship? With such a bread range of specific applications within the businesses arena, how can you offer a business NLP training that will be relevant and useful to all these? most NLP courses claiming to be business courses focus on just one of these applications, often the bias of the experience of the trainer.

I have thought about this long and hard and decided the best way I could offer an Business Applications course that would really add value was to mapped the NLP tool I developed when working with organisations that will  give you clarity, insights and a way forward in a  broad range of situations and applications.  You won’t find this anywhere else, it is unique to this course.

For more details about this course, click here.

Sports Applications of NLP

Increasingly people are becoming more and more interested ion with “sports psychology” on the rise. At the highest level of sport, it is rarely the physically ability of the players which decides who wins or loses, but their mental ability. This course will show you how you can apply NLP and hypnosis to your sports training to maximise your results.

Over the years I have worked with a broad range of amateur and professional sports people, and from this experience I have developed a number of first principles,  tools and techniques that you will learn on this workshop.

Full details are here.

No dates are confirmed for these 2 courses as yet, they will be late autumn or winter. Please contact me to register your interest.

Other applications courses that I am dusting off and sprucing up for my 2016 training calendar are:

  • NLP and The Structure of Hypnosis: Hypnotic Applications of NLP
  • Entertainment Applications of NLP

Site Update

You may notice that my website is loading rather slowly, that is because something (that I don’t really understand) has gone catastrophically wrong behind the scenes. This, though, has given me the impetus to finally get rounding to doing the big site update I have been planning in the bit of downtime I have over the summer. Watch this space.

The blog will be starting up again soon as will the monthly newsletter.

That is all for now,