2015 NLP Training Course Dates

Finally! Below are my core 2015 training dates. My apologies for the delay in publishing them, I have been juggling and jiggling to fit them all in. New course will be added soon, including the relaunched “Business Applications of NLP” and the brand new “Advanced Language Pattern Mastery” to name but two.

No Gimmicks, No Sales, Just Lower Prices

Those of you that have known me for awhile know that I am constantly updating and tweaking my training courses to make sure they are up to date and offering the best possible course at the best possible value. As part of this I am getting constant feedback from trainees and clients and take this into account when designing courses. The overwhelming feedback I have received is that people want easier ways to train and lower prices, so I have responded to that by splitting the NLP Practitioner into two modules which will be run over weekends rather than midweek and I have cut costs to be able to reduce the price.

NLP Practitioner – New Format, New Lower Price

This my Flagship course, and in 2015 I have reconfigured the Practitioner to run in 2 modules and lowered the investment to £1499 including VAT. I have managed this by removing the iPad, but if you have a tablet device you can still receive all the learning materials in electronic format.


Spring Module 1: 08-11 May
Spring Module 2: 15-17 May

Autumn Module 1: 02-04 October
Autumn Module 2: 09-12 October


Spring Module 1: 05-07 June
Spring Module 2: 12-15 June

Autumn Module 1: 18-20 September
Autumn Module 2: 25-28 September

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NLP Master Practitioner

The Master Practitioner structure remains unchanged for 2015, but the content has been updated to make sure I am offering the latest and most recent developments in the field.


Spring Module 1: 17-20 April
Spring Module 2: 24-27 April

Autumn Module 1: 06-09 November
Autumn Module 2: 13-16 November


Autumn Module 1: 20-23 November
Autumn Module 2: 27-30 November

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NLP Coach

Coaching is becoming more and more a core skill, not just for people wanting to become professional coaches, but for managers, HR professionals and business people of all  types.

Here I teach you the core elements of Coaching and how they combine with NLP to develop some of the most powerful change work tools available. Plus you will learn my exclusive NLP Coaching Model that I have developed from 15 years experience in coaching

If you have completed your NLP Practitioner or above you can attend the Coaching Applications of NLP course:

Cardiff Spring: 19-21 Jun
Cardiff Autumn: 17-19 October

Birmingham Spring: 26-28 June
Birmingham Autumn: 12-14 October

For more details and to book, please click here.

If you have not yet started your training in NLP you can attend the complete NLP Coaching course that includes the NLP Practitioner and the Coaching Applications of NLP Module.

If you have any questions, or would like to book, please do contact me.