Well, the summer of sport is underway, we have the Lions tour, we are half way through Wimbledon, the Tour De France ihas started and the Ashes are just around the corner. To name just a few…

So, my mind turns to sporting success and how NLP, hypnosis, coaching and other psychological tools can help you improve your game. I have worked with many sports people through the years, both amateur and professional, from golf, to martial arts, to athletics, and the one thing I have noticed is that at the top of the sports world it is rarely the ability of the sports person that dictates who will win.

You may now be expecting me to talk about mental strategies of successful sports people. And you would be right. But probably not in the way you are expecting…

Sebastian Vettel, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Rafael Nadal, Johnny Wilkinson, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams. All these people, I am sure you will agree are, or have been, at the top of their game, the “best in the world”. But are they the greatest sports people? Are they really the best, fittest, strongest, most talented of their peers? I am not suggesting these people aren’t extremely talented, but talent will only get you so far.

One of the major reasons these people are so successful or, more accurately, more successful than their peers is the team they have with them.

It’s not the sports person, it is the team around them that dictates their success. Surround yourself with the right people and your success is guaranteed.

It is true of the majority of the top sports people in the world. What has made them so successful is their ability to persuade, manipulate, cajole and bully their way in to  and to the top of, the best team (or the persuasive skills of their manager or agent at least! But then the sports person still needs to persuade that agent that they deserve their undivided attention). If you want to be the best, you need to get yourself in the top dog position of the best possible team of people and the way you do that is by persuading people you deserve it.

What makes a top sports more successful than their peers is their skill in persuasion!

Above all else, learning to persuade is  the essential skill to master to succeed in sport.