Well, it has just gone Easter, traditionally time for rebirth (although if you live in the UK, you would be forgiven for thinking that we have bypassed spring and summer and ended up back in autumn), it is also 3 months since the start of the year and an ideal time to check in on those resolutions you made. I bet, if you are anything like me, January 1st  seems a long, long time ago and yesterday all at the same time (isn’t time weird like that? But that is a topic for a different blog).

Be honest, how are you getting on? Follow the below steps to assess how you are doing and, if necessary, reinvigorate yourself.

1. Start by Restating the Outcome/Direction

Remember to make it well formed and in verb (action) form, has it changed? These things often can. How will you know when you are doing what you want? How will it look, sound like, feel like?

2. Now Assess Where You Are in Relationship To It

Start with what you have achieved, no matter how small. That puts you in a good state to start with! Then look at what stops you and what you still need to do.

3. Then Assess What You Have…

What resources do you have at your disposal? Even if it is only the motivation to get going/carry on and the ability to find the resources you need.

4. …And What You Need

What extra do you need to achieve the goal? How can you go about finding that extra resource? What stands in the way of you getting this done? How can you get passed that?

5. Finally, What is the Very Next Thing You Need To Do?

What is the vey next step? Just the very next step, that is all, not what might get in the way, or some excuses about why you can’t do it, just the very next step. Now do it!

If you didn’t make any New Years Resolutions now is an ideal time to consider making some changes. Some could argue it is even better to make changes now, as it is the time of change and rebirth, rather than in January. So if you didn’t make any (or they have fallen by the wayside), it is never too late…