There is a massive trend at the moment to list your wares on these discount sites that have suddenly exploded all over the internet. This may be fine if you are running a restaurant, or hairdressers, or even doing one to one coaching/therapy.

But it is not an effective strategy for advertising trainings.


The only person who benefits from the sale is the discount site. Simple as that.

You may be thinking that you are getting a good deal as a customer, but you are not.

Think about it for a second. If the company runs a course that is priced at a £1000 (for ease of maths). The discount sites demand that they offer at least a 75% discount, so that is £250, they will then have to pay the discount site 50% in commission, so they will be getting a grand total of £125 per person for what should be a £1000 course.

This means the companies are running the course at a (big) LOSS.

This is not a good thing for you as a trainee.

Why? Well, they have to recoup that loss somehow. Which means they will cut costs and reduce the overall quality of the training, using a substandard venue for example, or they will wedge more people into the training, giving you a less personal experience (maybe cutting the amount of trainers or assistants), or  (and this is the worst) use the whole training as basically a marketing exercise to get you to book on another more expensive course. This means you will get a substandard training which won’t fulfil  your requirements.

If two car dealers were offering what seemed the same car, and one was offering it at a 75% discount to get you to buy it. Would you trust them? Would you buy it?

Companies who use these discount sites are DESPERATE for your business. If they think that the only way they can attract you is by giving you dirt cheap trainings, what does that tell you about what they think about the quality of their course?

I am committed to offering quality NLP trainings to small groups and have been for the last 10 years. I cannot do this (nor, do I think, can anyone) by offering massively discounted trainings. I have had these discount companies constantly calling me up and I have turned them down every time.

Do you want quality or do you want cheap?