Do you want a new and rewarding career helping people make positive changes in their lives?

New For 2012: For the first time I am offering a Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma in association with The West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre and Balanced Approach.

More and more people are looking for professional Hypnotherapists to help them make positive changes in there lives and there is more and more evidence for its success. NOW is your chance to re-train in a rewarding and lucrative career.

The course is only £899 (+ VAT) or £649 (+ VAT) if you have already completed a Practitioner training with me.

The training is split over two modules:

module 1: 03 – 05 feb

Intro to Hypnosis: Underpinning theory, principles and methods of induction. The first weekend of the course is an introduction to hypnosis, techniques and treatments which will be invaluable for stress management and self improvement techniques. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice methods of induction.

module 2: 24 – 26 feb

Hypnosis: Personality types, language patterns and models of communication. During the second module, you will be introduced to a range of personality types, the measurement of hypnotisability and its connection to personality and the importance of personalities for rapport and implications for treatment. Next we will provide you with the opportunities to develop your understanding of a range of language patterns, models of communication with specific reference to hypnosis including a range of techniques and exercises for personal excellence.

On successful completion of this training course you will be awarded a Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy and Clinic Hypnosis by Balanced Approach. This certification is fully recognised and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register, one of the UK’s leading Accreditation bodies and allows you to apply for membership of this organisation.

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