For a long time I have been concerned that there is a problem in NLP…

The Meta Model, the most powerful pattern that NLP has developed is poorly taught, poorly understood and poorly used.

Which is such a shame, as the Meta Model is the most powerful pattern in NLP. With it you can become a master communicator and your ability and understanding the rest of the model of NLP will grow exponentially.

Richard Bandler says that NLP is like a photocopy, the further you get from the original source the worse the quality becomes. This is no truer than in the Meta Model, where misunderstanding and misinterpretations have been handed down time after time.

There have been very few attempts to clarify the Meta Model or frame it in a more useful and comprehensible manner, and many NLP books and trainings regurgitate the same old stuff from outdated and outmoded source material.

This 29-page eBooklet is my attempt to undo this confusion and present the Meta Model in a way that is clear to understand and, most importantly, use correctly.

It is not intended to be a complete discussion on all the patterns, but an easy to understand primer to help you either learn it for the first time, revise what you know or undo any un-useful associations so that you can relearn the Meta Model in a more useful way.

It contains:

  • An understanding of the origins and theory of the Milton Model.
  • A history of the Meta Model – putting it in context.
  • How language creates reality.
  • An understanding of basic grammar.
  • Identifying generalisations, distortions and deletions
  • A list of the Classic Patterns in an accessible way.
  • Hints and tips to improve your skill at using the Meta Model.
  • Much more…

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