I can’t help feel twinge of sadness. You see, I have noticed a disappointing trend.

NLP has become worryingly mainstream…

NLP grew out of the counterculture and the exploding scene of consciousness explorers of the 60’s and 70’s, people like Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Noam Chomsky and Buckminster Fuller (to name a few), the psychotherapist it studied were the edgy and controversial. NLP is a fringe science (if it is a science at all), out on the edges of understanding (and like all fringe sciences has been accused of being a pseudoscience more than once).

But all of a sudden NLP seems to have become “normal”. More and more people in every day life are seeing some of the benefits of the applications of NLP and NLP, as a sector, has expanded exponentially over the last few years.

NLP was and still should be on the cutting edge of conscious exploration, yet there don’t seem to be many pioneers anymore (I can list on one hand people I have come across who are doing something unique or original with NLP), and NLP is becoming more and more  a homogenised mass of identikit trainers churning out cookie-cutter trainings, all the same, all desperately unoriginal, many just trying to make a quick buck.

Even Richard Bandler has cut his hair and is wearing suits! NLP Life Training has become a slick corporate affair, far from the slightly dishevelled trainings (I mean that as a compliment) I attended.

Of course, I write this blog  with my tongue firmly in my cheek, this trend is undoubtedly a good thing, NLP is starting to become researched and rigorously tested, it is gaining credibility and is doing some amazing things in different fields, including health and education. I just can’t help but think that it is making it all a little…dull.

NLP should be controversial. All cutting edge tools are. Lets recapture the spirit of NLP, burn the map and head out into the wilderness and see what you can find. Be creative, be original, be FREE!

(As ever, I invite you to comment – and disagree vehemently if you wish – and share).