In a running theme on this blog, here is another TV show I think NLPers should be watching:


It is currently showing here in the UK on Sky 2. Sadly, it was cancelled after just 13 episodes, but you can pick up a region 1 DVD of the series from Amazon (I don’t know if they intend to release it in other regions).

The whole show has similarities with the stories Richard Bandler tells about working with clients in the 1970’s. The lead character Dr Jack Gallagher, a psychiatrist, utilises seemingly unconventional techniques and processes such as re-enacting a court case, or hypnotising a patient (which seems to still be somewhat controversial in America) to help the patients deal with their presenting issues (or “curing them” if you want to use the medical model).

In last weeks episode on Sky 2, “Obsessively Yours” (episode 7) Jack Gallagher demonstrated beautifully how to utilise the Meta Model in a conversational, non invasive and, most importantly, none idiotic way to win over a colleague who disagreed with his analysis and suggested treatment.

A recommended watch, no matter what field you utilise NLP in.