“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
Hamlet Act 2, scene 2 – William Shakespeare.

Being a bit of James Bond fan (show me a man who isn’t!), I was having a quick look on the internet the other day for news on the new Bond movie and came across this article.

Although it is a bit tongue in cheek, it got me thinking…

You see, it is not what we do that makes us happy, it is the way we perceive what we do. The difference between someone who is depressed and someone who is happy is rarely their lifestyle, it is the way think about their life.

In a very real sense we create our reality from the inside out and recreate that reality from moment to moment, we can choose to make it dull and boring or we can make it interesting.

Not by what we do, but by how we describe what we do to ourselves and other people. It is not about lying or making stuff up, or creating some fantasy life (that is rather dangerous and should really be avoiding, at best you will become cocky and over confidence, at worse you will become delusional!), it is about being creative with the way you describe what you are up to. To quote the article “Paying your credit card bills? No, you are engaged in some financial matters”, or however you want to describe it.

Start with defining yourself. I knew someone once who described himself as an “unpublished sci fi author”, he worked in a call centre and wrote science fiction in his spare time. Would he ever get published? Who knows, but it made him happy.

Then move on to creatively describing your day-to-day activity. Imagine you are a hero in your favourite authors novel, how would they describe what they are doing?

We all live a story. We, in a sense, fictionalise our lives. We understand the world through metaphor, so get creative with your descriptive process and see how it changes the way you feel!