What Is Your Evidence

“How do you know?”

It is be most basic question, the core question, it is often talked about that the “epistemological question”. Epistemology is the philosophy of knowledge or how we know what we know.

NLP could be argued to be a practical epistemology.

All communication, every utterance we make is a claim to knowledge, a comment about what things are, or, more accurately, what things seem to you. Every statement is a statement of our understand of the world around us, in a quite literal sense about our “reality”.

Next time you make a statement of fact about anything, ask yourself what your evidence base is. How do you know that?

You will start to recognise very quickly how much you extrapolate and create your own “reality” from very little or spurious evidence and what slim evidence you have to make such a statement.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a very good thing. By recognising you have very little evidence or experience to back up your understanding of “reality”, you can start to notice other possibilities, other choices that you can make and create more flexibility in your thoughts and behaviour.