I just wanted to let you know that the second of my planned releases of online information and support products for “NLPers” is here:

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This emanual (available as a downloadable pdf) is an updated, expanded and re-edit version of the one I made available (as a printed version) to members of my practice group in 2006, it is also part of the supporting literature for my NLP trainings.

NLP is a practical subject and cannot be learned by watching it, listening to it or reading about it. You have to DO it. To really master it, you have to practice, practice, practice!

With that in mind, this is a collection of the NLP exercises I use on my trainings, workshops, practice groups and when mentoring NLP Practitioners.

With over 70 pages of exercises, information and tips, this emanual is designed as an easy reference guide for you to hone your NLP skills.

It is ideal for anyone who are wants to practice their NLP skills, especially if you are:

  • An NLP training company and looking for fresh ideas
  • Run a regular practice group

Usual price £12.99 Special introductory offer for the next 7 days (until midnight on Wednesday 25th November) only £8.99

Click here for more information and download immediately.

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