A message from John La Valle:

“I just received this announcement and want to share it with you!!

Just released on iTunes – MindSpa iMeditation by Dr. Richard Bandler. If you have an iPhone™ or iPod Touch™ download immediately while it is free and make sure to give the app. a 5 star rating with superlative reviews. This is the first of many apps coming.

The MindSpa application takes the unique capabilities of the iPhone and iPod Touch to a new level by simultaneously providing auditory and visual neural brainwave entrainment with biofeedback. This is the first iPhone application to combine three scientifically proven modalities to provide deep relaxation leading to a calmer mind and better sleep.
Or use your iPhone or iTouch and look up keyword Bandler or Mindspa in applications.

Done in conjunction with Hästens, Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds, made of natural materials, and NeuroTech, Inc., a privately held company doing research and development in neuroscience for many years, this app is GREAT!! And it’s FREE for a very short period of time!

You can also visit Hästens by clicking this link:

And you can visit NeuroTech, Inc. by clicking this link: