I tell people on my NLP Practitioner trainings that it takes a sufficient amount of “fly time” in the real world outside and after the trainings to “get your wings” or embed the skills. The biggest concern I get from trainees is that they don’t intend to see clients so how can they practice the skills? My answer is always that, if you leave your house (and who doesn’t? If you have agoraphobia, let me, I can soon sort that out!), you have plenty of opportunity to practice your skills with the people you will interact with, whether that is the person next to you on the bus, or colleagues at work, or the person at the checkout in the supermarket! So, I try and offer suggestions of exercises and experiments that they can do to practice their new skill set.

Two of the most powerful ways to be an excellent communicator is to:

1) Answer a question with another questions.
2) Answer a question with story or metaphor.

So, to become a better communicator instantly (well in a few days) is to answer every (or almost every, don’t take the mick!) question with one of those two things. I suggest doing one for a day and then the other next and alternate for a week. So one day answer questions with a question, the next answer questions with a story (don’t get too carried away though, you don’t want to bore the people!). Do that for a week an notice how much better your ability to communicate and gain rapport with people…