The Mentalist

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I was catching up on The Mentalist the other night (running a bit behind). The episode that focuses on NLP. A friend text me soon after and said it was hardly a glowing representation of NLP. And you know what? I couldn’t criticise the episode at all.

It was a spot on satire of the worst sides of the NLP, the idiot trainer who has got so full of himself he doesn’t realise that he is really just a nerd, with a terrible voice (the actor got that spot on) who is nowhere near as charismatic as he thinks he is, churning out the same old stuff repackaged in a slightly different way. The cult like behaviour of much of the trainings, the Anthony Robbins style “woop, woop” sessions that get the attendees all worked up into a lather. The badly understood and therefore applied (and therefore demonstrated) NLP techniques and methods.

It is what I have been battling against in NLP for such a long time: the idiots, the charlatans who offer ineffective, substandard training and churn out people with a totally false sense of competence and confidence.

They were there a long time before I got into NLP and they are certainly there now. The problem is the more popular it becomes (and it really has exploded in the last 5 years) the more idiots it seems to attract.

To quote Topher Morrison “Personal development is one of the most inauthentic fields outside of politics and Hollywood!”. They are all smiles and false confidence and concern to your face, but turn your back and they will be lifting you wallet or stabbing you between the shoulder blades…

What can be done, eh?!


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