If you read the previous post, it will tell you that this blog has moved to a brand new wordpress based blog specialising in how to build your own therapy or coaching practice at www.thepracticebuilderblog.com,

However, because I have been blogging here for nearly 5 years, I really didn’t want to give this place up and let it go to the dogs. So, I will be continuing to post to this blog in a semi-regular fashion (when the mood takes me, or I have something special to say!), it will focus on my involvement in NLP and related topics. It will be mainly my own opinions and thoughts about NLP, the personal development movement, the state of the NLP industry etc.

I hope at will be more often interesting, informativative and thought provoking (the polite way of saying controversal and possibly offensive…), but I cannot promise that at times it won’t be self absorbed, indulgent or just dull.


PS, I also cannot promise it will be free from spelling and grammatical errors…