You may have noticed there hasn’t been much activity on my blog recently. This is for several reasons. The main one is that I have been waiting for this blog to have a bit of a refresh to match my new website and integrate it more fully. I have been waiting, and waiting. And waiting.

And Waiting.

Still no mcblog version 2. It has been months.

And now it is really starting to test my easygoing nature!

So, I thought I had better put a quick update up for loyal (and new readers) to let you know what is going on.

Which isn’t a lot on the design front by all accounts.

So, I have given up waiting and normal service will resume very soon, with my weekly-ish postings of all my goings on in the world of NLP, plus the odd special announcement here and there.

And you never know a new design my turn up at some point to make this place look all shiny and new.

In the mean time I have added a gadget there on the right, which means you can subscribe to an RSS feed.

Also my 2009 training schedule is out. But I will put that in another post.

Speak to you again soon!

PS. Anyone out there a good web designer with an actual work ethic? Get in touch, we may be able to do some work together. You will need a very good understanding of the technical side of web design and SEO marketing, a flair for art and design and be a bit quirky, and, most importantly, be able to deliver on your promises in the agreed timescale with no bullsh*t excuse…