Well, well. It’s Thursday again. And, for once I have no idea what to write about. Which is OK, I will just ramble. I like to ramble, in fact, as a friend of mine point out the other week, I rarely shut up!

But anyway, I think rambling without a clear idea of what on earth it is you want to talk about can sometimes create the most profound insights. I think it is Socrates that thought that there was no one truth and that that truth often presents itself through the ebb and flow of a discourse or conversation. In fact he believed that so much he developed the “Socratic Method” where questions were used to discover insights, ideas and learning. Although part of the point of this was to allow digressions, it was actually quite a structured process otherwise you would just wander off and lose the point. He would rarely lecture to teach, rather ask questions of his pupils and allow them to discover the learning for itself.

It is a bit out of fashion nowadays to teach like that. We are live in “instant times”, where we want everything handed to us on a plate, spoon fed and led by the hand.

Think that is mean? See how uncomfortable it feels to be wandering around by yourself trying to figure it out, and how relieving it is when someone shows you want you need.

NLP suites the Socratic Method of teaching incredibly well. In fact I would be as bold as to suggest that is really the best way to teach it. NLP nowadays is often taught as a series of tips or techniques to be used in certain situations. Sadly I think this missing the point and is, to be blunt, the most basic and trivial of uses of NLP. It odes not teach the student to THINK, it merely teaches the student the trainers own limitations. NLP is about innovation and critical thinking, NLP works best when applied to oneself and then used as a filter or an operating system to interact with the world around you. It is so often used as something you do TO people and that is such a waste of such an in incredible art (yes, I call NLP an art, it is craft, like learning to carve, or debate or play a musical instrument…).

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Well, the new site is all definitely up and running now and all the old out dated sites should now have gone. There is still a few teething problems with the new site, so please bear (or is that bare, I am never sure) with me whilst they are all ironed out. This blog should be updated soon to match the new site, but don’t worry, you will still be able to access all archived posts.

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