Well, those of you that have been reading this blog for awhile will know I have been in the process of relocating to South Wales for what seems like a very, very long time.

And the process is still on going.

But I managed to finally get a venue to continue my private practice. It is Ener-Chi in Radyr, just outside of Cardiff.

The venue has been beautifully designed to be a haven of peace and tranquillity where the cares and stresses of modern life just melt away. From the minute you arrive you’ll find Judy’s professional, caring and friendly staff are trained to deliver the best in treatments to leave you feeling revitalized in both mind and body.

The full address is:

Ener-chi, Radyr
57 Heol Isaf, Radyr, near Cardiff
029 2021 4012


If you want to book a private session please call me on 0845 3626277.

PLEASE NOTE: Booking is essential, I do not run a drop in service.

Different locations can be arranged on request, maybe your place of work (High Performance Coaching), place of practice (Sports Performance) or home visits. Sometimes it can be fun and appropriate to meet in other, more casual places like a coffee shop for example.

If you cannot attend face-to-face sessions they can be arranged by phone or over the internet (via Skype).

I can also arrange sessions in Birmingham, West Midlands.

I will arrange sessions in other places but, unfortunately, I will have to charge more for travel and time etc.

Email coaching is also available, please contact me for details

For more details on my coaching style please go here

Normal service will resume on Thursday…

Site News

Well, the new site is all definitely up and running now and all the old out dated sites should now have gone. There is still a few teething problems with the new site, so please bear (or is that bare, I am never sure) with me whilst they are all ironed out. This blog should be updated soon to match the new site, but don’t worry, you will still be able to access all archived posts.

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What’s Hot? Upcoming events:

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