Subway Sandwiches stress me out. Much the same as trendy coffee places do.

I was at the Subway in the Guild at Aston university, after delivering my guest lecture spot for the MBA course at Aston Business School on “Creative Decision Making”. Aston’s MBA is unique as it is the first MBA to recognise the need for creativity and innovation in business and teach that as part of it’s MBA and as far as I know the first to teach NLP as part of this.

Anyway, all I wanted was cheese salad sandwich, but got bombarded with 100 questions, very quickly, so I didn’t really hear and then got treated like an idiot when I looked at them blankly.

Sometimes we can have too much choice and go into “choice paralysis”

You know, when you have 10 things to do that are all equally important and all need to be done (or you want to do them), you can’t decide which on to do first and end up flitting between them all and never really getting any of them finished.

Sound familiar.

If it does, here is little technique that I developed from Luke Rhineharts book “The Dice Man”. It removes pressure and the need to make that decision, so you can just get on with doing something.

First, make a deal with yourself that you are going to put the decision in the hands of random chance and you will follow through with whatever outcome there is. Secondly write the list of things you need to do and number them 1-whatever.

The go off and get a dice. This can be a normal six sided dice (and, if you have more than six items, just re-role on a 6 to add more numbers), or, if you are feeling adventurous, pop down your local Role-play gaming shop (I think the stigma has dissipated somewhat since Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft, so you no longer need to disguise yourself like you were going to your local “Adult Book Store”…) and get one of those fancy multisided die (I think you can get them up to 100 sided if you need it!)

Then role the dice, see which item is that number and throw your self wholeheartedly into it until it is complete. Then repeat the process with the rest of the things on the list. You will be surprised how quickly you will get through all the tasks, much faster than jumping from to the other or procrastinating on them and getting nothing done.

Sometimes things are just best left to fate.

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