Is it Thursday already? Although the keen-eyed of you would have noticed that on my Interlude blog earlier this week I thought it was Wednesday and not Tuesday. So it being Thursday already should not come as a surprise really.

Well, what has been going on? My new website it finally ready and I have mainly spent the week tinkering with it to get all the info on there correct and up to date, still some way to go, but getting there (only been about 18 months…). I am in fact in the process of putting an ebook together for budding NLPers who want to make money out of the field, which will hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls I have got stuck in and save you time and money getting set up. But that is coming. Other than that I am settling in to Cardiff and getting to know the area and the people, had a really good meeting with the lovely people at the Parkhouse Club on Friday regarding some stuff (could I chunk any higher?), but more on that when it gets organised…

So, continuing the theme of “Maybe Logic” I have been on in the last few posts, how are you getting on? Did you do the experiments? Feeling a bit more flexible in your thinking?

That flexibility is key to applying NLP. Some people think NLP is a bunch of techniques that you somehow do “to” people (you NLP all over them as Michael Breen puts it…). That is totally missing the point and, to me, one of the most trivial applications of the field. NLP is really an attitude. I often get asked in trainings if NLP is something you can do to yourself, and I always respond that if you are not doing NLP to yourself you have NO RIGHT doing it to someone else. In fact I will go one step further and say that NLP is best used (in my opinion) when treated as an operating system, you use it on yourself to filter the information you have. Think of it as an upgrade (although I usually dislike the computer analogy as I think it is far too reductionist). So how do you use NLP as an OS upgrade. Firstly you have to upgrade your attitude. And that is where Maybe Logic comes in. You have to challenge and question things. To ask just one more question… Of yourself and the people around you. The NLP attitude is about asking the right question and keeping asking them until you get a useful answer, it is about curiosity (and Maybe Logic will create lots of that, once you know you don’t really know anything for certain, you will become much more curious…) and tenacity: Asking that awkward question no one else is prepared to ask. To be prepared to say, “no, I don’t get it, can you explain it again…” and not minding if you may look stupid. If you can do this, rather than thinking you now it all and doing NLP “on” people you will GET NLP much more than anyone who has read all the books and seen all the DVD’s and gone to all the seminars and think they know it all…

Go, question everything!! Next time we will discuss a very brief exercise to get you OK with asking that awkward question…

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