As a slight aside to the ongoing exploration of certainty vs maybe (continued tomorrow in my weekly blog posting), I am starting a random ongoing thread of words that really ought to be banned…

The first one is “should” this horrendously guilt inducing word is responsible for more stress in the clients I see than anything else. “should” suggests someone else has told you to do it and you don’t really want to/see the point, yet because the command was given with such authority you believe you “should” be doing it.

Life seems to be made up of “shoulds”, we “should” keep up to date with the latest goings on, trendy TV shows/music/etc. We “should” tidy up, we “should” get a career, we “should” do something with our lives, we “should” be sensible. So many people waste their lives doing what they “should”, that they never do what they want!

My question to anyone who tells me they “should” be doing something is “Who said?!”. Stop “shoulding” all over yourself now and do what you want to do instead! Ban the dreaded ““shoulds”