There is an irony in NLP that I just keep noticing at the moment.

When I set up in NLP about 5 years ago, I did my market research, I discovered a niche in the market (it was a geographical niche, I discovered there was very little training in Midlands and there was a market for more) and it seems to have served me well. I certainly wouldn’t set up an NLP training company now, the market is totally saturated.

Which makes me ask the question “Why are there so many more NLP training companies (in the UK) all of a sudden? Why on earth did they decide to set themselves up in an already overcrowded market? Did they do any market research at all, or are they just chancing it?”

I have nothing at all against people getting into NLP and making money (after all, that is exactly what I am doing!), but really, be a bit more original please! The world does not need another generic NLP training company.

The irony is that NLP is about creativity and behavioural flexibility, yet a lot of people just seem to be doing the same as everyone else, setting up Practitioner trainings and corporate trainings and so on. Please, if you intend to change career into NLP, BE CREATIVE!

Do something new, find an area that you enjoy and that will benefit from NLP and go for it. Develop some applications specific to that area and go for it! There are legion of places that NLP has not yet been used. Find one, use your passion, something that really excites you that you know a lot about and get in there!!! That is the way forward in making money (and enjoying yourself, which is what it is all about) in NLP. Why be a small fish in an overcrowded pond, when you could become the only fish in an empty and resource laden one?!

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