I have just watched this TV show http://tinyurl.com/2nmt78 (I think the link only works in the UK, sorry)

And one thing that annoys me is always the way they poke fun at “Self Help” stuff in these “serious” TV shows (although the film is genuinely balanced and towards the end Alan Yentob does seem to “get it” and comes round to the usefulness of some “self help” approaches), and I wonder why when most of it is just good sound, practical common sense advice.

I think it is because they always have to wrap this self help stuff up in some pseudo-spiritual or pseudo-scientific way that detracts from the underlying method. I wonder why? Marketing? No one will by a book called, “Good Sound Common Sense” (although that is a good idea for a book, I think I will write it…)?

For example “The Secret”. I am sure most of you have heard of it by now, if not go here or here for details, it was a DVD and now a book (I think a CD and probably a seminar or workshop somewhere by now and I think I have seen t-shirts…) about the “Law of Attraction” I heard about in about September 2006 and eventually bought a copy on a punt as it was only 20 bucks and I was curious as what it was about. This was really before it became the massive phenomena it is now.

And I watch it and I thought “Well that’s obvious”. It is just basic sound advice and simple psychology: What we focus on we are more likely to get. Which is true, because the way our attention process is set up, we will align ourselves to our thoughts (its something called the Reticular Activating System, or RAS). So, if we think about making a million dollars, we are more likely to do it as we will spot opportunities (that are aligned to that goal, that may usually be deleted from conscious awareness) and have more ideas and thoughts about how to do it. Good, basic common sense, thinking positively and being solutions focused. Easy, huh? If you think about the problem you will just get yourself down and stuck in a rut and end up in a bad way, because you get what you focus on!

I have used the secret for years. I just hadn’t realised it! Maybe that is the secret? That it is bloody obvious…Any successful or semi-successful person does it! Look at how you put together business plans, these are focused on what you want and is considered the one key piece of paper you need to do in business. The more goal orientated solution focused thoughts you have the more likely you are going to get what you want!

It is not magic, it is not the universe owing you a living, it is common sense!

But, oddly, whenever I think I want more clients or more work, even if I don’t do much to achieve that goal, I will often get more clients just turning up. Odd. Maybe there is something in it after all?

P.S. Richard Bandler gives a very nice description of how NLP works in a therapeutic setting.

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