If I have to be honest the one thing that annoys me about the whole personal development field is the grasping nature, the working harder, striving, living on the edge, always trying to get that dangling carrot just out of reach and then when you finally get it you have to go for another one.

It makes you acutely aware of what you HAVEN’T got and then tells you that you want it.

Those of you that know me or have trained with me, know that I am a reader of the Idler Magazine (a magazine so idle it only brings out 2 copies a year) in fact I am a member of the “Grand Order of Idlers”.

This is not about being lazy, not at all, it actually takes a certain about of effort to be truly idle, you have to be efficient in what you do, it is about expanding the minimum amount of energy to create the biggest change.

Which, those of you who have seen her heard Dr Richard Bandler talk, will know that is something that is at the heart of his philosophy of NLP.

He often says he wants us to use NLP to “work half as much and earn twice the amount” we do now. That is idling to the extreme.

Or to “feel good for no good reason”!

This is why I think I resonate which NLP so much, not because if the human potential, striving element to it (that is all a bit too try hard for me!), but the fun, efficient, idle element. Feel good for no good reason! Do the minimum required to get the result you want, relax, calm down!

Next time you want to get something done. Ask yourself this question

“What is that I really want? And what is the easiest and most fun way to do it?”. It may not be the quickest, but at least you will have fun whilst you are getting there. Nothing worse that slogging your guts out for 3 years to achieve something and dropping down dead 2 minutes before you do having not enjoyed the last 3 years is there?

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination…