NLP works on the principle that all behaviour is proactive and specific. If you are not motivated to do something it is not that you are lacking motivation, you are doing a behaviour you have labelled “unmotivated”.

Make sense?

Quitting something is not just stopping doing something, it is a specific and proactive behaviour.

And the more we do something, the better we get at it, it’s called Practice.

So the more you practice quitting, the easier you will find it and before you know it you will be giving up on everything.

If you are finding you just can’t seem t stick to something, then you have got very good at the behaviour quitting and need to practice the new behaviour of “sticking to it”.

Pick something simple and easy that you can do and DO IT and finish it. Do this a few times and see how good you feel once you have finished it. Then whilst thinking about this, pick a chore or something, nothing too strenuous, like fixing a shelf or something and go do it and finish it! Before you know it you will not longer be a quitter!!

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