I always tell people whether I coaching them or training them that you should always invest in your skills and knowledge first and foremost.

If you have £100 and put it in a savings account, in 12 months you will probably have £110 as you the current highest rate of interest you can get is about 10% in the UK regular savings account. Not much eh? And you will be taxed on that!!

But if you spend that hundred pounds on a course that helped you improve your interview skills for example, you then increase your chances of getting a new, better job that will increase your take home pay by much more that £10 a year!

But if you still want to invest your money in savings you still need to invest in skills and knowledge first otherwise this bewildering way of making your money work for you may result in your losing money not gaining!

I ran our regular Practice Group last night for NLP Practitioners. We were very pleased to have a special guest Marcus de Maria, that does exactly what I have just said – he teaches you’re the skills you need to invest your money. He runs regular Investment Master Trainings that are very reasonably priced and only 2 and a half days (over a weekend) for more info go to www.investment-mastery.com (I am not getting any commission for this by the way, but maybe I should be…!)