Well, I didn’t get the chance to update my blog whilst I was away… The problem with my MacBook (I am a totally Mac addict, I just can’t cope with Windows, I think it tells you an awful lot about how Bill Gates thinks!), is that is only has wi-fi internet access, so if there is no wi-fi around then I can’t get online.

I must figure out how to use my mobile as a modem (any advice, email me!)

So. Anyway I was doing this Master Prac for Isis Centre down Brighton and I was weaving my stories, by using an NL technique known as Nested Loops.

For those of you who don’t know what this is it is a why utilising multi-level language (by that I mean communication to both the conscious and unconscious mind) to communicate and therefore install earnings at a deeper level, and (very simply) it works like this:

You start story 1,
You stop story 1 at some point before you finish it and start story 2
You stop story 2, etc

As many times as you like or can cope with (Billy Connolly is natural at this, for more info check out Billy Connolly Live At The Odeon Hammersmith London [1991]).

Then, you implant the learning and than back out (finish the last story you started, and so on until you finish story 1, then job done).

I got a bit carried away and lost myself on several occasions. Oops… I was very, very tired…