Anthony Robbins says that the process of thinking is just asking and answering questions. And to improve our thinking processes then we have to ask a better quality of question. Although I think this is a bit of a simplification of our mental processes there is a lot of validity in asking the right question. Whether that be to ourselves or someone else (see the meta model).

And if we want to improve our decision making process and behavioural capabilities we have to ask a better quality of question.

Those of you that have trained with me know that I warn strongly against asking “Why?” as what you get then is, basically, excuses. But if you ask “what?” or “how?” you get structure and process which is much more useful.

One of the most powerful questions that I ask myself on a regularly basic is “What on earth am I doing?” the On Earth bit is important as this adds that necessary emotional intensity to the question that you need.

Ask yourself that question at least daily and it really focuses on the tasks you need to do and the outcomes you want to achieve, it stops you from procrastination and getting distracted by irrelevant tasks….

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