Oh, I love that one. Nothing like stating the bleeding obvious. But sometimes, of course, we need the obvious spelt out to us because it is always there. And since we predominantly pay attention to what changes in our environment (it’s a survival thing), sometimes the obvious unchanging truths slip form our awareness and we forget. That’s why common sense is so often very uncommon!

Well, I haven’t attended to this blog for ages and ages, the reason being I was having a big and groovee new website built with a blog function built in and I was going to move everything over to there. But due to a variety of different reason (largely my kicking my heels) it isn’t ready yet. So I thought I had better check in here to say hi to all the loyal readers who come back day after day, week after week to find nothing has been added!

So where did all the time go?

William S. Burroughs once talked about a time he was living in New Mexico. He got up, wrote a letter to a friend, went to the American Express office to post it, met some friends in a cafe for a coffee and on returning home discovered it was late afternoon, he was shocked because it didn’t feel like it had been that long. He concluded that his time had been stolen by the “short time mob” who were a bunch of extra-dimensional beings who steal your time when you are not paying attention. They can only do it when you are not paying attention, as if you are paying attention to the now you will see if some of your time is pinched. An odd coincidence (or maybe Bill recounted the story to Huxley, I don’t know), but in Aldous Huxley’s novel The Island, the ruler of the island trained Miner Birds to fly around the island calling “ATTENTION! ATTENTION!”, so as nonee of the inhabitants would have their time stolen.

Pay attention! When I work with clients I often find that number one on their needs list is not the change they think they need to make, but a time management issue. They try and wedge all these new habits and behaviours on top of their already hectic lifestyles and wonder why they don’t stick. Because our brains, like a business work on a last in first out policy. It will always jettison the latest behaviours first when there is no time to do everything and continue to do the old behaviours and habits, no matter how unuseful…

Did I mention the excellent Introduction to NLP Day I ran on Saturday? Many thanks to all the delegates who were a fantastic and switched on bunch. For more details of Introduction to NLP seminars an workshops Click here.