Has it been that long since I have last written? Phew, time goes fast doesn’t it? Well actually time is only there to stop things all happening at once and there for is totally relative and we can make time go as fast or as slow as we would like.

So what have I been up to since I last wrote? Well I got my new shiny and very exciting MacBook (I am a total Mac Evangelist, a friend of mine hates Apple and is always slagging them off – odd because he owns an iPod – so we have marvellous rows! I always point out how long he spends faffing with his PC and how often it crashes on him…), which means I spent days getting all set up just hoe I like it and getting used to a new keyboard (have you noticed how all keyboards are subtly different? Or is it just me?!)

What else? I was up in Huddersfield yesterday with Bob doing a photoshoot for martial arts illustrated, which is always fun! So I sat in Bobs Jeep with no aircon for 6 hours slowly melting…

And now, since it is such lovely weather I have given myself the rest of the day off (I am a great boss)!

So, what profound piece of information can I leave you with until Monday? Where I promise I will get back to talking about the origins and meaning of the term NLP.

Reality is really created from the inside out. Therefore we are at least partially responsible for our own reality and that reality, as you experience it, will conform to your beliefs about how it is. Believe acts as a filter, “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves”. So as an experiment, over the weekend offer as many counter arguments and points of view to the way you are thinking and see ho that expands or changes your reality.

Oh and if your country is playing in the world cup over the weekend, good luck!