All the information we take in we do so through our five senses, this information is sorted through a series of filters, so that it is generalised, distorted and deleted. These filters are our belief, learning and understandings of the world around us. These filters dictate how and what we generalise distort and delete. What is left is our “reality”. That is why we can have such different views to the person next to us about our likes, dislikes, political and religious beliefs etc.

There is (as far as we can tell at the moment) no 1 ultimate truth. Apart form what is true for you.

Do this experiment:

Empty your pockets and lay all the stuff out on a table or the floor:

Now sort it in to 2 piles (only 2 groups are allowed, you have to do best fit) for:

Shiny and none shiny
Dark and light
Heavy and light
Organic and synthetic
Blue and yellow.
Anything else you can think of.

See how the groupings change dependant on what criteria you put on them? That is essentially he you create your reality. Next time you catch yourself sorting something in a certain way: “I don’t like that” Or” I don’t believe in this”, stop and challenge your thought process, your reality!

After you do this for awhile, you will find yourself stopping categorising things as readily, you will start becoming aware of how you generalise, distort and delete information to make it fit into your “reality”. Your “reality” will change!